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Meet Shannon Teresa Boodram, an author, photographer, actress, blogger, television personality, and sexual educator. She is a true Renaissance Woman and a personal inspiration of mine.

In 2009 Shannon released her first book ‘Laid: Young People’s Experience with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture‘ and now she is back on her sexual education campaign with a new online series ‘Magic vs Logic‘. In the series she tackles a array topics as it pertains to sexuality in our cyber age. In each episode a question is posed and she answers it from a) a “Magic” and b) a “Logic” perspective. She allows her followers to choose if the more emotional or the more pragmatic answer is the best. I find the platform to be such an innovative way to peruse sexual education, especially for generation x and y-ers coming of age in the latticework of the interwebs.

In an especially informative episode, Shannon speaks on the female prostate and how possible or not possible it is the achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. This isn’t your mother’s sexual education and I love it. Traditional sexual education shy’s away from female sexuality so indescribably that it is beautiful to see a bold young woman educating her generation in such an original way. Whether you are sexual active or not this series could only benefit you as a sexual being. Check out the episode on the female prostate below.

Shannon has been inspiring me since her ThoseGirlsAreWild days. Now to see both her and Andrea re-brand their journeys to specify their individual goals has only to continued to inspire me. Shannon, I Love you girl!

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