My Friends Are Blogging!

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PhotoGrid_1439317082623So I have a couple of amazing friends who are creating incredibly food for the interwebs, and i’m really excited about it!

My friend Krista started a blog dedicated to creating food with locally produced ingredients. Her recipes are fantastic and her interviews with local (Huntington, WV) business owners are inspired and informative. As long as I’ve known Krista she has been passionate about creating food and I’m very proud and inspired to see her share her passion with the world.

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And my friend Alyssa has been creating paleo dishes for Barefoot Provision’s blog for a bit now. She recently moved to Austin, TX where she acts in a hands on role with the company, but she is still creating great recipes for the site. You should certainly check her out, she’s well on her way to becoming a superstar in the Paleo community!

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It’s great to have friends creating content on the internet. Keeps me inspired.


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