A Democratic Forum

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Last night Fusion hosted the Brown & Black Presidential Forum, the first major event for the 2016 political year. The forum was moderated by two of Fusion’s own journalists, Jorge Ramos and Alicia Mendez. As well as New York magazine writer-at-large (formerly of Grantland), Rembert Browne and Akilah Hughes, a comedian and Fusion contributor. I found the forum to be, well… democratic. The top three democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley each received about a thirty minute segment to answer questions from the moderators and the audience. It had all the makings of a debate without the actual debate, and I found it to be an effective way to learn about the candidates. It’s funny how actual democracy lended such a helpful hand in this  Democratic Forum.

Admittedly the main reason I was even watching this forum is because I’m a pretty big Rembert Browne supporter, and I’ve been proudly watching his career develop post his tenure at Grantland. He didn’t disappoint. No one did, really. All of the moderators offered thoughtfully challenging questions, while the candidates returned thoughtfully challenged answers. Check it out.


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