This Baddie Is The Crissle West

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In a world that teaches women, particularly women of color, to be seen (if that) and not heard, Crissle West is the antidote. She is the co-host of the wildly successful podcast The Read, a connector on Beats 1 Radio, a panelist on MTV’s Uncommon Sense, a favorite on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, and an all around bad ass. In the almost four years since she swept on the scene with her podcast ‘The Read’ she has devoted her work to giving voice to the most marginalized among us. She is not afraid to criticize the men who spend much of their energy criticizing woman. (Done so with spectacular fashion in her now famous Say No To F**k Boys read.) She will call out Sarah Silverman for her racism and with that same passion, drunkenly and accurately recount the pivotal stories of Harriet Tubman and Marsha P. Johnson. Crissle has her hand in a lot of pots, but i think the common thread in all of work is the power and permission she gives marginalized people to, not only be angry, but also vocal.  The passion of Crissle’s voice connects with the emotion so many of us feel navigating this long and treacherous path to equality. To me, Crissle represents that part of us that we know is right but world keeps telling us is wrong. This fight is draining and seemingly unending but it is made more and more possible with voices like Crissle’s.  Thank you girl. You are the bomb.

Catch Crissle’s Harriet Tubman Drunk History segment below.


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