This Baddie is the Kim Katrin Milan

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Meet Kim Katrin Milan, a multidisciplinary artist, activist, consultant, educator, and writer. Full disclosure: I absolutely love this lady and have tried and failed many times to write this post. I’ve tried (rather ignorantly) to pinpoint her magic and I’ve learned that I actually can’t. So I’ll just pinpoint what I Love the most about her and that’s her Love for people. All people. No matter what form her work takes it’s guaranteed to be illuminating the lives of people and creating ways for us to see each other more vividly.

One consistent theme in all of her work is Making People Possible, which is a concept I find to me be revolutionary. So many things in this world feel impossible and so many possibilites are actually withheld from us because of access or lack of resources or not enough encouragement or not having models to represent what we could be. Who we are and how we interact and exist in the lives of the people around us really affect how possible we make them. I never really engaged the thought of possibility in that way until I encountered the work of Kim Katrin Milan. She has been a personal possibility model for me as woman of color with a limited support system, a creative mind,  and an extreme desire to explore the humanity of all people. She has been a huge inspiration and I would encourage everyone to follow her work.

Check out her TED Talk:

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And check out her Prezi’s


P.s. She is also a poet and since it’s the first day of National Poetry Month, it feels appropriate to share her poem  ‘A Poem To Make Black Girls Possible’

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